About the Board

  • A thirty nine year resident of the village, Mayor Gros was elected in 2019. After being asked by a former official if she would be interested in running as a trustee, Mayor "Debbie" Gros welcomed the opportunity to serve her community. She served as a trustee from 2015-2019.
    Regarding her decision to run for mayor, Debbie was motivated by a desire to take Nelliston in a new direction while preserving the aspects of the village that made it a safe and enjoyable place to raise her family. Having worked for more than thirty years in childcare, she hopes her tenure as mayor will see the village park restored for families and residents to enjoy for years to come.
    Email: villageofnellistonmayor@gmail.com

  • The longest village resident of the board members, "Rich" Clinton came to live in Nelliston in 1954. He has always loved the small town feel of his childhood home as a place where one knows their neighbors. A veteran of the United States Navy, Rich decided to return to Nelliston to work and raise his family.
    Aside from his time in the military and current seat on the board, Rich is no stranger to public service. He previously held a seat on the Town of Palatine council and served as its assessor for ten years. Also, as the former Superintendent of Public Works for Nelliston in the 1970's and 80's, he felt his experiences could benefit the village residents. During his time as trustee, he would like to see a revitalization of Nelliston's infrastructure.

  • Niel Yerdon is a lifelong resident of the village, having called it home for the last sixty five years. Now retired, he worked for twenty nine years as a printer for businesses throughout the area. Speaking of his time growing up in Nelliston, Niel's fondest memories include the circus coming to down at the park and how the village was always a quiet place where you knew your neighbors. No stranger to public service, Niel served on the board of the Town of Palatine. Continuing the Yerdon family's tradition of public service to the Village of Nelliston, Niel is the second member of his immediately family elected to the village's board of trustees. His brother Donny served as mayor from 1991 to 2014. During his time in office, Niel hopes to increase services for residents at affordable costs.
    Email: villageofnellistontrustees@gmail.com

Mayor Debra Gros

Deputy Mayor Richard Clinton

Trustee Niel Yerdon