Department of Public Works


  • Superintendent of Public Works: John Mack
    P: 518-993-8009 - F: 518-993-2141 - E:

    What services does DPW provide and when?

  • Water readings are conducted twice a year: in March for the April billing and again in September for the October billing. Readings are also done periodically to assess for leaks. Readings can be done upon request. Please refer to the contact information below to schedule service.

  • Water and sewer line repair. Done as needed.

  • Road maintenance and repair. Done as needed.

  • Village facility maintenance.

  • Park maintenance: mowing in spring, summer and fall. Other maintenance done as needed.

  • Street sweeping is done twice annually: April-May depending on the end of winter, and again in the fall sometime between September-October. Street sweeping may be done as needed as well. Please refer to village calendar or call for details about when this service is done so that streets are free of cars and other impediments.

  • Yard waste is collected every Tuesday (weather dependent). Please refer to link below for guidance on requirements for collection of yard waste.

  • Garbage, recycling and large items are picked up by Weaver Sanitation, with whom the Village of Nelliston contracts for waste management. Please refer to the price list provided below for large items*. NOTE: This price list is in the process of being updated. For accurate quotes, please contact the village clerk at 518-993-2862 or