Clerk & Collector

Daily functions of the Village of Nelliston such as processing bills, reports, utility/property tax payments and change of address requests are handled by the Village clerk. Vital records searches (i.e. birth and death certificates as well as marriage licenses) can be obtained from the Town of Palatine Registrar for those records that were originally filed with the Town. These records can also be obtained from New York State's Department of Health out of the Office of Vital Records (for all births, deaths and marriages occurring in NYS and outside the City of New York). For assistance with property records, motor vehicles and other county-level requests, please visit the Montgomery County clerk's page for more information on the many services that provide. Village Clerk & Collector: Edward Watt ; Town Clerk / Registrar: Linda Logan; County Clerk: Brittany Kolbe

Clerk/Collector/Treasurer: Edward Watt

Deputy Clerk: Jessica Sanders

11 River Street / P.O. Box 305

Nelliston, NY 13410

Phone: 518 -993-2862 

Fax: 518-993-2141